Sunday, 31 January 2016

"No contribution" sent to a VEGAN VISser - 20.01.16

From Schweinfurt/Dittelbrunn came a package with the mention "no contribution, but a small 'little something' (attention)" ("kein beitrag, aber eine kleine aufmerksamkeit"). senders were "the exaggerators"...  I immediately knew who was/were behind this 'little something': indeed some days before, I had written to uwe klein and anna karina Fries that they were "exaggerating", having sent already some six or seven Fishes...  
The package contained the "main/mein Fisch koch buch", that is, "main/my fish cooking book" with recipes from the river main region. in my reaction to the exaggerators, I disclosed myself as... vegan. 

yes, I am a VEGAN VISser... naïve as I am/was, starting this call for Fishes, I didn't realise that I was going to receive plenty of dead Fishes...

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