Sunday, 31 January 2016

From Ottmar Bergman - Lönsboda, Sweden - 27.01.16 - Fisch32

From Anna Karina Fries - Schweinfurt, Germany - 22.01.16 - Fisch29

From Uwe Klein - Dittelbrunn, Germany - 22.01.16 - Fisch30

eating... and to be eaten! (fressen... und gefressen werden!)

From Elisa Battistella - San Donato, Mse, MI, Italy - 26.01.16 - Fisch31

"No contribution" sent to a VEGAN VISser - 20.01.16

From Schweinfurt/Dittelbrunn came a package with the mention "no contribution, but a small 'little something' (attention)" ("kein beitrag, aber eine kleine aufmerksamkeit"). senders were "the exaggerators"...  I immediately knew who was/were behind this 'little something': indeed some days before, I had written to uwe klein and anna karina Fries that they were "exaggerating", having sent already some six or seven Fishes...  
The package contained the "main/mein Fisch koch buch", that is, "main/my fish cooking book" with recipes from the river main region. in my reaction to the exaggerators, I disclosed myself as... vegan. 

yes, I am a VEGAN VISser... naïve as I am/was, starting this call for Fishes, I didn't realise that I was going to receive plenty of dead Fishes...

From druckmafia - Erfurt, Germany - 20.01.16 - Fisch28

... and the druckmafia has also been dismantled, I think...

From Atelier andersschoen - Erfurt, Germany - 20.01.16 - Fisch27

 I now think that I know who represents the erfurter atelier andersschoen... but I will not disclose it here...

From Pietro Romano Matarrese - Bari, Italy - 20.01.16 - Fisch26

Friday, 29 January 2016

Fish Friends

Fishing on the web, I discover more and more Fish FriendsFor ex. the Franticham's 2006-2007 mail-art call "the Fish", focusing on the Fish as symbol (see

Monday, 18 January 2016

From Bernhard Zilling - Berlin, Germany - 16.01.16 - Fisch24

bernhard represents "the 'Fish in human Form' that, until now, had only been described by jules verne"!

From Uwe Klein - Dittelbrunn, Germany - 16.01.16 - Fisch25

uwe writes that he doesn't exaggerate at all (see my comment on uwes 6th FISHes), that his little silverFishes are only his 6th sending. First, it is his seventh sendingand second, I think that it is more than exaggeration to send even "only 6" mail arts in less than one month! So!
(uwe's silverFishes have been drawn on aluminium foil, but my photo doesn't render the silver see they are swimming in)

Thursday, 14 January 2016

From Fabienne Gonay - Rossignol, Belgium - 14.01.16 - Fisch23

Fabienne asks for mail art on three themes:
-       keys

-       shoes
-       wood / timber

Fabienne gonay
109 rue des mésanges

rossignol 6730

From Anna Karina Fries - Schweinfurt, Germany - 14.01.16 - Fisch22

like uwe klein, anna karina starts to exaggerate... apparently, uwe and she adore FISH!!! so do I, of course!

From Anna Karina Fries - Schweinfurt, Germany - 14.01.16 - Fisch21

...where one sees that one Fisch may hide another...

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Saturday, 9 January 2016

From Daniele Virgilio - La Spezia, Italy - 04.01.16 - Fisch16

From druckmafia - Germany - 08.01.16 - Fisch10

From Atelier andersschoen - Germany - 08.01.16 - Fisch09

From Uwe Klein - Dittelbrunn, Germany - 08.01.16 - Fisch11

uwe plays here with a Famous germantongue-twister, that is, 
"Fischers Fritz Fischt Frische Fische, Frische Fische Fischt Fischers Fritz" (seems not in need of translation into english)

From Richard Baudet - Marseille, France - 08.01.16 - Fisch14

From Lars Schumacher - Burgdorf, Germany - 06.01.16 - Fisch08

"Fishyouwerehere - Fischgedichte, Illustrationen und Beifang"

... searching for the artist(s) behind "atelier andersschoen", I just discover the website "Fishyouwerehere - Fischgedichte, illustrationen und beifang" ("Fishyouwerehere - Fishpoems, illustrations and by-catch"). If you like my blog, go also Fishing at fishyouwerehere!

Sunday, 3 January 2016