Thursday, 29 September 2016

From Tulio Peraza - Tenerife, Spain - 21.09.16 - Fisch132

Scena raffigurante Madonna des Pesce col Bambino

Fish 1

Call for mail art “The Mailman”
International Mail Art Project organized by the Espacio 2C Contemporary Art.
A tribute to all those carry and deliver our Mail Art.
Itinerant exhibitions of the received works will take place in the Espacio 2C Contemporary Art Gallery, Canary Islands, Tenerife, Spain. All the works will be exhibited online in a special album posted in the event too and later there will be also pictures taken at the exhibition. All the Works will become part of the Espacio 2C Mail Art Collection of public nature as a heritage for further study and reference.

Size: Postcard (10 x 15 cm)
Technique: Free (watercolour, painting, drawing, collage, chalcography, art rubber, stamps and so on)
No jury, no fees, no return of the works, only original works, no copies.
No racist-sexist-obscene submissions admitted
Deadline Extended!!!!!: Works must arrive by the 30th September 2016.
Important: Please clearly indicate name, address, email address and a website (blog) if available on the back of the card.

Send the artworks in an envelope (decorated envelopes will be part of the exhibition), maximum 3 (three) artworks by each artist, to:
Espacio 2C
c/o Tulio Peraza
Centro Cultural Jardín de la Estrella
Calle Mencey Taoro
Urb. Llano del Camello
Tenerife, Spain

From Jillyn Chang - Keizer, OR, U.S. - 21.09.16 - Fisch122

From Patricio "The Celestial Scribe" - Curitiba, PR, Brazil - 21.09.16 - Fisch131

From Bernhard Zilling - Berlin, Germany - 02.07.16 - Fisch118

I moved Bernhards painting "Nearby the sea" from my generic blog to this FISH mail-art blog!

From Uwe Klein - Dittelbrun, Germany - 21.09.16 - Fisch125

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Coming home from holidays, 16 mail arts were waiting for me...!!!

Each one, of course, will be presented individually on my blogs, and each sender will receive a reaction, but that will take some time, as there are also other "things-to-do" waiting for me after nearly 4 weeks of absence...