Saturday, 8 July 2017

Sent to Sequoia High School Postal Art Club - Redwood City, U.S. - 10.03.17 - visje120

with such FISHES recycled or even taken as such, from what I received from a great number of -mostly anonymous*- OBA-people (OBA = Offene Behinderten Arbeit = Open Disabled Workplace) from Schweinfurt, I always join a "FishDeclaration", saying

"In 2016 my mail-art theme was FISH. A group of OBA-people* (OBA = Offene Behinderten Arbeit = Open Disabled Workplace) from Schweinfurt sent me regularly FISH, in most varying form(at)s. Beginning of December arrived by post an ENORMOUS parcel with HUNDREDS of FISH: small, big, flat, in 3D, drawn and coloured, on paper, out of cardboard or wood; there was even a mirror in the stomach of a fish….
Some of the 150 —N.B.— paper coloured FISH I am now recycling for my New Years greetings and other postal sendings.
* Many thanks to Christina, Christoph Roth, Diana Kätsche, Dieter Lüth, Doris Hauke, Doris Schneider, Elmar Derleth, Karl Hein T, Marta Bauer, Osama Waad, Paul Schmidt-Costa, Peter Seidel, Wolfgang Gass (only a few people wrote their name at the backside of their FISH)"

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